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It's not every day that I get to shoot at the studio where Britney Spears filmed part of the music video for her song Work Bitch. It's also not every day that I get to take a little jaunt to El Mirage, of Herb Ritts photographic fame, with dear friend and collaborator Geoff Scott. As a dedicated fan of both Britney Spears and Herb Ritts (though my musical and aesthetic tastes have expanded wildly since I discovered both artists), it's kind of a feeling of, cool, I can retire now. I have done it. Of course, I've talked about retiring from modeling... how many times now? And here I am. And here I will continue to be. I love getting to play in these kinds of spaces, and what magic that I got to do both in one day.

Big thank you to Geoff Scott, for these photographs, and to Sienna Hayes, for organizing the event at Weese's Pieces.

As ever, if you are here enjoying the photographic experience and reading this, I am also grateful for you! If you wish and have the means, please feel welcome to leave a tip (or holiday gift) at any of the links below. Suggested donation: (sliding scale) $5-$500, or whatever your generous heart desires.

With levity, warmth, and merriment,

Eva Luna

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