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dark side of la luna

I love this time of year. There is something inexplicably mystical about the change of seasons, and I'm feeling the shift even here in the tropics. The thinning of the veil, a time when cultures around the world honor their dead, magic and mystery abound.

As a creative model, expressing dark, emotional themes with trustworthy artists is cathartic. I find it healing to let go of perfectionism in my images, but also in my emotions, becoming more and more fearless. Every time I allow myself to go there, I reaffirm:

I am not afraid of you.

I am not afraid of me.

I am not afraid to be ugly.

I am not afraid to be the villain.

I am not afraid of death.

I die every day so I that I may live.

And therein lies my power.


At the beginning of October, I had the privilege of working with Donnerstern Photography for two days. We had a great time creating a diverse body of work, some of which is light and bright, and some of which is a bit darker, more provocative, and emotional. I'll share the latter with you today. Enjoy the ride.

For additional inspiration, my villain era playlist can be found here.

If you enjoy my work and have the means, please feel welcome to leave a tip at any of the links below. Suggested donation: (sliding scale) $5-$500, or whatever your generous heart desires.

With the online social climate becoming increasingly polarized, I've felt like there wasn't a place where I could really share my work in the way that I wanted to. I am not into the idea of placing my work behind a paywall, advertising my pay site, being beholden to a posting schedule, or any of that stuff. I just want to do what I love, share it freely as I feel inspired to do so, and continue to do this work on my own terms. So I'm trying something new. Thanks for viewing, thanks for reading, thank you to all who have tipped or will tip in the future.

With gratitude and love,

Eva Luna

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These are truly wonderful


Dark Side offers some wonderfully emotional imagery. LOVE this body of work !!!

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