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"Eva emanates a lovely, relaxed and very grounded personality that flows through in to her posing. She brings so much to a shoot, her own creativity builds on what you are trying to achieve. I'm very happy to have had the chance to work with such a lovely person and amazing model twice in the last few months." - Bill Irwin, New Zealand


"Eva is an absolute professional and wonderful person to work with, some of the images we made are some of my favorite. So easy to work with and creative together." - David Burton, Oregon


"Eva is a super model and great friend. We traveled and worked for two days in the countryside and had occasions to shoot in many different places. She is fun, creative and adventurous... a wonderful person that I highly recommend."  - Erik Volt, Paris


"Eva is one of the most adept models I have met in a number of years. Her professionalism shines through her correspondence along with her creative enthusiasm to collaborate and accomplish the photographers vision. On set she is remarkable with her glowing personality and an amazing collaborator for posing concepts in front of the lens. She is the embodiment of the muse, which is not easy to come by in the art world. I feel thrilled and honored to collaborate with her on my projects. I can not advocate for her enough in this brief review and encourage other photographers that are seeking a highly skilled and professional model to make the time to work with Eva." - Shiva Sharifi, California


"Absolutely fabulous to work with—wonderful person, great model. Even on a hot day after her overnight flight and myself a little under the weather, a delight to create with. I now have Eva among my favorite people to work with. I hope it is the first of many times!!!" - David Aimone, New York


"Really had a great shoot with Eva! She showed up on time and prepared as planned for a very early morning shoot. We shot in cold NYC fall weather and she handled it so well with such a positive attitude and can do spirit. Very enthusiastic and a fun person to collaborate with. Highly recommend and hope to shoot with again!"- Kenn Lichtenwalter, New York


"Brings great energy with her. Wonderful to work with." - Alan Barnes, California


"Spent a wonderful afternoon creating images, laughing and being absolutely enthralled by Eva. She's easy going, stunningly beautiful (with neither ego or attitude), she's happy to keep working until the image is fully realized, she's a total professional in every respect."- Catskills Art Nudes, New York


"Eva is breathtakingly gorgeous. Every movement she made was elegant and natural. I found it easy connect with her. She was very fun to work with and easy to talk to. She has a very deep, positive energy. She's inspiring and creative. Her will is strong. Her soul is powerful. I learned a lot working with her. Every moment was an amazing experience."- Daniel Craig, California


"Just back from an outstanding shoot with Eva. She was delightful! She came prepared, was on time and in a great mood for being up before dawn. Most of all she is stunningly beautiful and knows how to pose and is easy to work with. Eva was great --- images are stunning -- I want to shoot more with her and so will you!"- Fred, Oregon

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