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I used to think yoga was about turning myself into a pretzel, or reaching some mystical state of enlightenment.

Spoiler alert:
I never became a pretzel.
I am not enlightened.

what I've found is that my yoga practice is about meeting myself - exactly as I am - and offering kindness to that experience.

My classes are designed around this premise.

We dance, wiggle, and make shapes.
we  harness the power of the breath.
we deepen our attention, and cultivate soft, spacious presence with ourselves.

This presence is reflected in all that we do.


with me

weekly group classes

Two remaining classes for summer 2023

online and in person @
Lighthouse Yoga PDX

Embodied Kundalini 

Tuesday 8/28/23 10-11:30am & Friday 9/1/23 6-7:30pm
Through rhythmic posture repetition, powerful breath work, dance, meditation, and mantra, we explore the magic and wisdom of our bodies. All levels welcome. 

Deep Restore

Tuesday 8/28/23 12-1pm
This class uses an accessible blend of gentle vinyasa, restorative postures, breath work, and guided relaxation to provide you with the perfect mid-day refresher. All levels welcome. 

Personalized private instruction


For beginner students who are learning the foundations, as well as experienced yogis who wish to deepen their practice.

I offer Hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, restorative, and yin yoga classes

(and blends of the above), tailoring classes to your needs.

My books are currently closed to new private clients.

yoga nidra

A nourishing, grounding practice designed to release tension and restore vitality.



I am passionate about movement and meditation as a tool for healing.  My emphasis is on embodiment, compassionate awareness, and acceptance of the present moment.


My classes feature an accessible blend of hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, and restorative yoga styles.  I weave traditional yoga postures with modern flavor, precise anatomical cues, global soundscapes, and practical mindfulness to help you discover your innate healing capacity and feel good in your body.  


I have always loved to move, but my yoga practice began in earnest when I was recovering from a knee injury in 2009.  The postures gave me the mental patience and physical resilience to rapidly heal and grow strong.  Since then, my practice has shifted and changed many times as I discover new styles, potent teachers, and learn to adapt to what is needed for my body and mind.  In 2014, I received my 300hr certification from Anna Ferguson to teach hatha, vinyasa, and yin/restorative yoga.  In 2017, I completed my 200hr Kundalini yoga training with Gurmukh.  Most recently, I completed a 60hr Yoga Nidra training with Jana Roemer.  I continue to study yogic philosophy and anatomy, and am a lifelong student of wisdom traditions.



Eva is one of the most talented teachers I've ever had the pleasure to practice under. Her relatability and warmth immediately make you feel safe and respected in whatever level you're at and allows you to tap into an inner strength you may not have even known you had. The space that she creates is nonjudgmental and allows for creative freedom to completely explore your personal spiritual, physical, and emotional abilities. - Tess

I feel gooey. - Dana


That was the most free I have ever felt in my body. -Danica

When I first decided to give yoga a try I was very nervous.  I had a horrible self image; overweight, an ACL injury, shy and afraid to try yoga.  I met Eva at my neighborhood yoga studio.  Her personality was so giving that I felt comfortable telling her about my fears of yoga.  She walked me through how to achieve the practice, how to adjust and how to do poses that would allow me to grow into the full version of them.  This experience gave me the courage and insight to continue on this path.  If you have an opportunity to take a class with her please do not miss the experience.  - Bill

I didn't knew my hips could feel this good!  -Vickie

Eva brings so much joy, happiness and it is wonderful to work with her.  But not only work, the conversations we had were always deep, full of power and meaningful.  This is so good to start yoga with a teacher like Eva.  I'm grateful I've met her.  -Michael

Eva has really helped me.  Since working with Eva I feel stronger, more relaxed and focused, and I have more patience when dealing with difficult situations.  I'm able to listen better and generally feel more loving.  -David

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