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"There is no ‘correct’ state of consciousness for perceiving the world. There are alternate states of consciousness for perceiving different facets of the world.

The state of enchantment (deep play, imagination, wonder) allows us to perceive holistic connections and psychological relationships with a richness unavailable to the disenchanted mind. Instead of a machine, the world is alive and experiential.

The world of the enchanted is a different world than that of the disenchanted, but neither is more real than the other.

The question is not: Which state sees the world more truthfully? But rather: Which world will I adventure in today?”

A huge thank you to @dreamlight.foto for these magical photos which I absolutely adore, and to @exhibitphotopdx for providing the perfect set and setting for creativity to unfold.

As ever, thank you for being here! If you wish and have the means, please feel welcome to leave a tip at any of the links below. Suggested donation: (sliding scale) $5-$500, or whatever your generous heart desires.

With gratitude and warmth,

Eva Luna

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